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Magic ballerina Delphine and the glass slipper

This book is about a girl called Delphine and her friends preparing a special dance for their ballet teacher Madame Zaza but only Delphine is captured to the magical world of inch Anthea can she help Cinderella meet her handsome Prince and still make it back in time for the show

Start of the story sneak peek

Holding on the barrier with one hand Delphine dawned through her toe up to her knee and pointed her leg forward head up back straight shoulders down a force stumbled around in her head I see what herself in the mirror of the ballet studio alongside of her were 9 other girls or gracefully performing the exact same exercise Barry work was quite protective and not as much fun and actually dancing in the centre of the room but Delphine was just glad to be doing ballet again Madame Zaza’s school of ballet had been closed for two weeks over the Christmas holidays Delphi and had really miss going to the classes keep your knee turn to out Delphine grease for arms please Suki Adams are walked along the line gently correcting eat girl keep your body centre the straight to Poppy and thought back to last term it had been such fun the best bit had been dancing the main part in schools Christmas Show actually no he thought correcting herself this very best bit of last term had been finding out that the old red ballet shoes that madam zarzar had given her when magic

The characters are Delphine Madame Zaza Suki poppy sugar the Sugar Plum Fairy and Lola

Written by Darcey Bussell